Hey there y’all. We are back with yet another video from the Crazy Day Tripper! Yes, we want to explore the world, but like you already know – we often don’t have the means to do that! Thank the Lord we live in America, because had it not been for that, we’d be spending too many boring weekends at home.

You know how we make our weekends interesting – with ROAD TRIPS! All you need is a car with a full gas tank and you can set out in any direction you want. Oh, there’s one more thing that can make your road trips absolutely heavenly.

It’s QuickTrip! (Where else would you get the snacks to munch on and the food to devour when you’re famished after hours of driving on the highways). Most of you guys living in the Southern, Southeastern, and Midwestern regions of the United States might already be aware of them. But for those of you who don’t know who they are, QuickTrip is a chain of convenience stores spread across the aforementioned regions.

QuickTrip started out from Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1958. It didn’t take the business more than a year to expand their business outside of Oklahoma. By 1971, QuickTrip stores had gained increasing popularity for the “convenience” they provided to travelers and road trippers like us – it was also the year they began selling Gasoline.

Talk about real convenience!

Anyway, coming back to the video, as you’ll obviously notice – I once again found myself bored and alone at home on a weekend (nobody should have to go through that), I decided to take Daisy Mae along on a road trip to Tulsa – this time around with stopovers at the mandatory stopovers at QuickTrip stores!

Before I forget, did you know that twodigitsgame QuickTrip has over 70 stores in Tulsa and Phoenix each, and more than 100 stores in the Dallas and Fort Worth region?

Well, I was particularly excited the Steak and Cheese Taquitos they sell there. You’ve got to watch the video to find out whether I got to try one or not. Well, I might just mention here that they sell amazing pizza too and there are all the fantastic goodies – both healthy and unhealthy if I might just add – that you can enjoy while driving through Tulsa or any of the countless locations you’ll find them at.

Now before I continue blabbing and stray away from the whole purpose of the video – go watch it! Let us know if you’ve ever been to Tulsa or visited a QuickTrip store. Is there anything special that you absolutely love about the place – you know the regular must-buy items?

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